Thursday, 28 June 2012

How to start the Raspberry Pi without an HDMI Screen (or no screen at all)

I just downloaded the debian squeeze image and copied it onto an SD card. Then I realised I had no HDMI screen as I always use my laptop. I thought I'd have to get one but thought it looked a bit expensive so I thought there may be a way to start it without a screen at all!!


To enable SSH automatically every time the Pi starts you need to :
  • Prepare an SD card with the Debian “Squeeze” image
  • Insert the SD card in your PC
  • Rename ” boot_enable_ssh.rc” as “boot.rc”
  • Eject the SD card and insert into your Pi
When the Pi boots SSH is enabled by default.

All I needed to do was turn on the RPi, log into my router and wait for the RPi's IP to turn up. I then brought up putty and logged straight in using the credentials provided from where I downloaded the debian image.

I'm really glad I managed to start using my Raspberry Pi without having to buy a new monitor/TV!!!

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