Thursday, 23 August 2012

A year later and my Facebook app may actually be coming back to life!!

Ok guys I'm really excited at the moment. As some of you know, for part of my final year at university and for the following 6 months or so I set up a company with Andy Sheperd-Waring and Rob Rolls with a mission to create a fantastically beautiful and amazingly useful Facebook application.

Come September we were all skint and had to get 'real' paid jobs somewhere else and slowly we came to realise that we had added too many fancy features and never really finished the 'core' of the application. We realised that the route to success may have been to actually finish the core parts of the application and to launch the app without all the extra features we wanted.

A year has passed...

Today Andy and I went through exactly what needs doing to bring this thing back to life and to launch the core application. We will be removing some of the fancier features that people may find confusing and would delay launch and focussing all our efforts in getting the application out there.

I will not be giving away more details about any possible launch dates as of yet, but expect to hear more on this front!

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