Thursday, 6 December 2012

I just started printing a rostock delta bot!

For those of you who don't know a rostock is a radically different design to any of the other printers out there so far. Below is a video by Johann Rocholl who designed this awesome printer:

I am currently printing the first few parts on my printrbot which I've had for a few months now. This design is supposed to be very simple to put together and provide much quicker printing as well as printing much rounder circles. This makes sense as a delta robot is not limited to steps in X and Y as much as our other designs like the printrbot or the prusa.

My printrbot has cost me about £500 after post from the US and import duty... Since then I've been selling printers on ebay and in the reprap forums:


Prusa Mendel i1 or i2 with Wades extruder - £55
Prusa Mendel i1 or i2 only - £50

Prusa Mendel i3 with Wades extruder - £35
Prusa Mendel i3 only - £28

Printrbot with Wades extruder - £35
Printrbot only - £25

Wades extruder only - £15

Anything else you want printed ask me for a quote!

I have a selection of colors at hand. If you have no preference I will use what I have in stock. If you are willing to wait an extra 2 days then I will order any color PLA you want from

Of course if you want anything printed email me here: but the point is that I am building the rostock with the money raised from printing parts for people on ebay. I've printed about 10 full printers for people all over Europe now, as well as a few odds and ends for people with incomplete kits or broken parts. What I love about this is that every printer I sell will bring the price down for the next sale as more people provide printing services. I wrote a post this morning about How to check quality when buying reprap prints from people because I'm worried that some people may get put off by initial bad experiences buying poor quality parts from people.

Although my printer now prints relatively high quality I hope that the rostock will be more accurate by design. That said I'm a bit worried about calibrating it!

If any of you have had experience building a rostock and especially calibrating it please share in the comments - and yes I have read '' but I haven't found many different points of view on the matter.

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