Sunday, 28 April 2013

Nozzle Jam

My Printrbot has been chugging away quietly printing products in the corner and until last weekend it hadn't had any issues for months. Then some of my printer suddenly stopped pushing enough filament through and the quality degraded.

It came at a good time for me as the prints are still usable, but not good enough to sell and I have therefore had time to print the parts for my next few printers.

As I started investigating I tried all sorts including changing the hobbed bolt but none of it worked. It was when I couldn't push the filament through by hand that I realised the ubis hotend was jammed so I simply took the nozzle out, put the temperature up to 230C and extruded about 50cm of clear pla filament through. It started out being full of bits of what I assume was black ABS in it although I'm not sure. As I kept extruding the extrusion became more and more clear. I then replaced the nozzle and it was easy to push through by hand so I put a print on.

It's been perfect ever since!!

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